You said yes! And now it's hitting you that there's an entire wedding to plan.

I make wedding planning as fun as getting engaged.  Let me handle the checklists and timelines, while you enjoy cake tastings and limo test-drives!

I’ll do the boring stuff, and hold your hand (OK not literally) through the hard parts of planning.  I’ll help you narrow down exactly how you want you and your guests to feel at your wedding.  Then make it happen.  Plus, I can handle almost any drama your family can throw at you (tbh, there’s a few MILs who give me a run for my money!).

I’ll be there to handle all the things that try and distract you from the excitement of your wedding day.  When the linens show up stained, the limo didn’t start, the flowers got left beside the cake instead of on it, or that one uncle got a hold of the mic.  I’ll source clean linens last minute, find a new vehicle on the fly, match the flowers to your pin, and have that uncle played off stage before he says anything crazy.

With me on your team, you (and your parents!) will spend more time hanging with your entourage and ripping up the dance floor, and less time directing traffic.


“It was worth it for us to experience the best day of our lives without any worries or interruptions.” -Bride Christa

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Who Is It For?

Our services are designed for busy couples who want a wedding that's talked about for years, but don't have the time to make it happen.  I work with career driven couples whose time is too valuable to spend figuring out which local vendors are the best fit for them.  I work with young parents whose time is already consumed by family life.  I work with any couple who wants to get a head start on planning and values advice from an expert.

If you're overwhelmed by the amount of time it will take to bring your dreams together, or you just want someone to start you off in the right direction, then Three Strands Wedding Design is the place for you!

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