Inside a Wedding Planner’s Wedding: My Real Wedding

Wedding Planner's Wedding

Written by Kirstin

August 14, 2017

Once upon a time, before I was a wedding planner (or Pinterest was invented), I planned my very first wedding….my own!  This week I have the privilege of coordinating another wedding in that same church.  So I thought I’d take this opportunity to show you a bit of what a wedding planner’s wedding looks like!  This is the event that inspired me to become a wedding planner.  My favourite elements to look back on are the personal details in the ceremony, the tented reception and the romantic playlist my husband created for us.

Trailview Alliance Church wedding


We had our wedding ceremony at Trailview Alliance Church, here in Swift Current.  Overall, our wedding was a pretty traditional church affair.  Think recited vows and a unity candle.  But we added some personal elements to the service as well.  Those are the things that made it so much more meaningful and memorable.  One of the wonderful things about weddings right now is that the stuffy rules of what has to happen are a thing of the past.  Everyone can find their own balance between traditional etiquette and personal touches to create a modern celebration of love!

Wedding Planner's Wedding

Our ceremony featured a group of our friends singing and playing live music.  It was perfect!  Recordings can never replace live music in my opinion.  I am so thankful for the friends who were able to be there for us.  We also included some personal religious elements like a Scripture recitation by some friends and a special time of prayer with our parents.  The final touch was my beloved high school band director, playing us out of the ceremony on his trumpet!  Our ceremony included elements of our own unique story to make stand out, just like we do.

Bottom Line: Don’t be afraid to mix personal and traditional elements at your ceremony.


Wedding Planner's Wedding


We had a tented reception at my parent’s acreage just outside of Swift Current.  Beware!  Tented events are the most complicated and expensive way to go.  We naively went in thinking we would save ourselves some money.  Now that I have some training, I know that while a tent is a DIY option, this is not a DIY that saves time or money!  Once you have a tent, you still need to source tables, chairs, linens, dishes, a sound system, bathrooms, parking, and the list goes on.  Not only do you have to pay for everything you have to bring in, but you have to coordinate all the set up and take down and pick up and drop off of every single item.

Wedding Planner's Wedding

I LOVED our tented reception!  But if you choose to go this route I would highly recommend paying someone to be your point person for this.  On the pro side, there are some good reasons why so many people still go with a tent.  There’s just something about the atmosphere!  And the blank white canvas that can be used to create any style decor that is so appealing.  I wouldn’t change a thing about our lovely tent….expect hiring a coordinator!

Bottom Line: Tented receptions are stunning…but don’t think they’re simple!


Wedding Planner's Wedding


One of the things that people still mention to me about our wedding was our dinner music playlist.  For some reason this is something that a lot of couples find really challenging to put together.  I was blessed with a meticulous husband who painstakingly went through all of our music to create this list.  We are perhaps a little mushy and love listening to Michael Buble and a lot of old jazz standards.  So a lot of our music was vocal jazz all about love and romance.  My sweet husband also went back through our old mixed CDs that we had burned for each other in high school and collected a lot of songs from those.  The end result was a personal and romantic soundtrack created just for us.  I still have the playlist and I offer it to the couples I work with whenever they’re having trouble coming up with something.

Bottom Line: Some of the best wedding details are results of a labour of love, rather than a large budget.


Wedding Planner's Wedding

It was planning my own wedding that started the passion I now have for event planning and helping couples bring their dreams into reality.  I hope your wedding is as full of love and joy and fond memories as mine was, and that you enjoyed this peak into a wedding planner’s wedding!

Photography: Always & Forever Photography

Ceremony: Trailview Alliance Church

Rentals: Robertson Rentals

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