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"I highly recommend Three Strands Wedding Design. We could not have asked for a better day and Kirstin was absolutely fantastic!! She kept everything running smoothly and took care of any little hiccup during the day. All we had to do was relax and enjoy. Couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!!"

– Sandra

"I found Kirstin’s services to be tremendously valuable. Even my husband commented on how helpful it was to have Kirstin involved. Thanks to Kirstin’s help, I was able to relax at my youngest daughter’s wedding and enjoy our guests."

– Sheila

"We couldn't have managed our big day without you! You were such an asset to making our day as wonderful as it was. Thank you immensely."

– Chris & Nancy

"Kirstin was completely professional, courteous, everywhere she needed to be all the time, and more. I can't recommend her enough. The amount of time she puts in is worth more than you're paying her for."

– Brandon & Michelle

"There were definitely things that came up on the day of our wedding that we hadn't organized but Kirstin took care of everything without us ever knowing there were problems. If you want to fully enjoy your wedding day without having to worry about a thing I highly recommend using Three Strands Wedding Design."

– Christa

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