Wedding Crisis Averted: How To Anticipate Transitions

Wedding Crisis Averted

Written by Kirstin

April 6, 2018

This is the third post in my Wedding Crisis Averted Series.  The names and images have been removed/changed so you won’t know who I’m talking about!

I get it.  You’ve put a lot of time and effort into putting together the perfect wedding day plan.  You’ve used all the checklists, templates, and tools you can get your hands on, and you are ready!  Here’s the thing.  The best laid plans of mice and men…something, something…they don’t always go as planned!

Take this story of when I didn’t anticipate transitions at one of my first weddings as a warning.  I managed to fix it with only the caterer noticing…but I learned my lesson!  Now every wedding day that I coordinate is put through my extra-thorough planning process.

Handle The Issue

Imagine this.  We’ve enjoyed a gorgeous outdoor summer mini-destination wedding, and now dinner is well under way under the big tent.  Everyone is having a great time and I turn my attention to the next event: the dance.

The dance is supposed to immediately follow the reception in the covered picnic area next to the tent.  Perfect.  But when I look over at the dance floor, I realize we used it for kids activities before dinner and it’s still covered in picnic tables.

Not exactly ideal for a dance floor.

Avoid a wedding crisis on your day.

The worst part?  The entrance isn’t wide enough to drag a picnic table through!  My solution?  While everyone else is watching speeches, I enlist the help of one of the caterers to turn the tables on their side and carry them off the dance floor.  Whew!  Who knew tables could be so heavy?

Control Your Timeline

The moral of the story?  Be in control of your wedding day timeline before your wedding day starts.  Look at your floor plans.  Does your layout work for every part of every thing you want to use it for?  Now make a list of all the items you’ll need at each step during your day.  Do you have a plan for how they’re getting to where they need to be?

That sounds a little scary doesn’t it?  There’s a lot of little things that go in to a wedding day and it’s easy to miss something.  How are you supposed to think of everything when you’ve never done this before?!  Never fear, there’s a simpler way.

I’ve got a system that I’ve developed through training and experience that takes care of all of this and more.  When you have me coordinate your wedding, you can take advantage from everything I’ve learned from all the other weddings I’ve worked on.

You can have someone there to handle whatever comes up, in the background.  To make your perfect plans turn into a perfect day.

Have your wedding day managed for you!

What’s Next?

I don’t want you to waste another minute stressing about this stuff!  Find out how I can handle whatever your wedding day throws at you by scheduling a free initial meeting today.  I’ll show you examples of my system, you can snoop through my emergency kit, and there’s no pressure to commit.

If you’ve even thought a little bit about hiring a wedding coordinator, schedule your meeting right away to hold your date while you decide.

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