Wedding Crisis Averted: Dirty Linens

Wedding Crisis Averted

Written by Kirstin

March 6, 2018

This is the second post in the Crisis Averted Series.

Problem Solved: Greasy Stains

Today I have wedding day crisis story to share with you!  This one was a lot more challenging than locating the cream and sugar.  Let me set the stage for you.

The decorating day was finally here!  I had met the decorator at the hall first thing in the morning, and spent a few hours carefully putting each row of tables in a perfectly straight line.  Later in the morning the bride and groom and wedding party started to trickle in.  We began unloading boxes, bins, and totes full of all the beautiful DIY decor that they had put so much work into.  Setup day was going perfectly.  As soon as the father-of-the-bride arrived from picking up the linens from out of town, we could get down to business and really transform the space.

Wedding Crisis Dirty Linens

Just before lunch, dad arrived from his three hour round trip to get tablecloths.  I began setting them out so we could get a move on after lunch (tablecloths take a while because I’m a little particular about them hanging just the right way!).  After successfully completing a few tables I spread out the next white linen to go on and notice there’s a couple of rather large and conspicuous greyish grease stains down the middle.  I toss it aside, not thinking too much.  There’s almost always one or two that arrive stained.  As I continued through the box though, nearly every one had the same stains!

This was not going to fly.  We had some wiggle room to have a couple of bad ones, but this turned out to be about half of the tablecloths.  The laid back bride had already resigned herself to just having to use them, but I wasn’t really comfortable with that.  After several voicemails, phone conversations, and counts of clean vs. dirty, we had a plan.  The rental company was absolutely wonderful to deal with.  They agreed to cover the cost of renting clean ones from another local vendor.  A few more phone calls to local places to make sure we could get enough on such short notice, and everything was taken care of!  As we got going on the rest of the tablescapes, it was such a relief to be doing it on clean, fresh, pure white linens.

Wedding Crisis Dirty Linens

The Perfect Wedding Day

After the wedding I received the most wonderful thank-you card from the bride, expressing her thanks at how I had helped with their day.  Several members of the wedding part thanked me for going above and beyond.  The reality is, I didn’t go above and beyond.  That was exactly what they had hired me to do.  A wedding coordinator’s job is to prepare all the details so there’s as few surprises as possible.  And then to be the problem solver on your wedding day for the things that can’t be planned for.

I like to say no wedding goes perfectly, but that’s not entirely true.  While every wedding has hiccups, your dream day can still be perfect!  You can ensure crisis averted day by hiring a wedding coordinator (I happen to know a good one!).  While I was on the phone dealing with her crisis I heard this bride say to her mom “I’m so glad she’s here right now.”  I would love to give you the same confident and relaxed feeling about your wedding!

Wedding Crisis Averted

Don’t let your wedding date get snatched up by some other bride!  Contact me today to schedule your free initial meeting to go through what’s involved in having Month-Of Coordination for your wedding.  Use the simple contact form to send me a message about your wedding.  I can only handle so many weddings each summer, so don’t wait to claim your date!  Our initial meeting is completely free (plus I buy you a coffee!) and I’ll hold your date for two weeks after while you decide what you want.  So what are you waiting for?  Stop worrying about all the things that could go wrong and get excited for your wedding.  Contact me today to claim your perfect wedding day!

Wedding Crisis Averted.

Ready to take the next step?

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