What is a wedding planner?

If the first thing that pops into your head is J-Lo in a pantsuit, then read on!  Wedding planning has come a long way since 2001.  

You might think hiring a planner is only for the rich and famous, but I’d like to show you how it can be a necessity, even for a bride on a budget.  A wedding planner is a skilled professional who supports you in planning and executing your wedding.  But there’s more to it than that.  A planner is simultaneously adviser, friend, coach, accountant, negotiator, problem solver and so much more!  Here’s my top five reasons to hire a wedding planner.


1. You want to save money.

This might come as a surprise, but paying for a wedding planner can actually save you money!  Most people are not very good at sticking to a budget.  And on your wedding day, there’s a lot of pressure to live up to everyone’s expectations.  You want to wow your guests!  A wedding planner will find ways to keep you on budget without giving up on style.  A planner can also help you negotiate contracts with vendors.  They know the going rates and are there to make sure you don’t pay extra.  Some vendors even give referral discounts that planners can pass along!  The biggest way a wedding planner saves you money is by avoiding costly mistakes.  There’s a lot to remember when you’re planning a wedding and a wedding planner will make sure you’re prepared so you don’t end up spending extra to have the right colour flowers shipped in last minute when the florist didn’t understand your order.


2. You want to save time.

This one is pretty obvious.  Planning a wedding takes a lot of time.  It’s basically like adding a second job, and who has time for that?  If you don’t want wedding planning to take over your life while you’re engaged, then a wedding planner is what you need.  Hiring a planner let’s you get back to spending time with your fiance that doesn’t involve guest lists, and gets you off of Pinterest whenever your boss isn’t looking.  Not only is it a wedding planner’s full time job to plan your wedding, they have training, they have experience, and they know the vendors, so they’ve already done most of the work before you even hire them!


3. You want help bringing your vision to life.

With the dawn of Pinterest, planning a wedding has become even more intimidating.  There’s so many ideas, so many beautiful arrangements, how can you ever choose?  And once you have chosen, how do you put it together so you don’t end up as a Pinterest fail?  A wedding planner has the expertise and the vendor connections to help you design a wedding that is unique to you and then put it all together on your budget.  They take all those crazy ideas and find a way to make it happen so your day is one that your guests will never forget!


4. You want a less stressful engagement.

Being engaged is supposed to be fun, right?  Yet it can be one of the most stressful times in a relationship.  With so many decisions to make, planning a wedding can put a strain on even the closest couples.  If your guest list is over a 100 people, your engagement is less than six months, your wedding is at a non-traditional venue or you live away from your wedding location, then you’ve added even more stress to the process.  A wedding planner is there to handle all of the logistics so you can relax and enjoy your engagement.  A planner makes sure you don’t forget to plan for anything or pay for anything.  They calm your nerves, stop you from turning into the dreaded bridezilla, and help you meet the never-ending demands and expectations of family and friends.

 Why Hire a Wedding Planner

5. You want a perfect wedding day.

Maybe you think planning is fun and you’ve got everything lined up perfectly for your day.  You still want everything to turn out the way you planned.  And you’d probably like to relax and enjoy your day too!  A wedding planner is the go-to person who takes all the responsibility off of your shoulders on your day.  Your planner creates a detailed timeline of your wedding day and then executes it with precision.  They keep your wedding party on schedule, make sure the flowers get dropped off, the cake set up, the decor just right, the DJ on cue and Great-Aunt Agnes makes it into the church in her wheel-chair.  Having a wedding planner takes a lot of stress off of parents and friends who usually end up filling in the gaps.  Now you and your guests are free to enjoy your perfect day!

A wedding planner makes sense for any bride on any budget. From a grand gala to an intimate celebration, you deserve to have a stress-free wedding.  Now anyone can hire their very own J-Lo…although not every planner looks as good in a pantsuit!  

Partial photo credit to Always and Forever.

5 Reasons to Hire a Planner